Message from BAPA President/ June 30, 2017:

With great joy and honor, we the Steering Committee and Trustees of Bangladeshi American Police Association announce the recognition of BAPA by the NYC Police Department as recognized Fraternal organization. The first Law Enforcement Fraternal Organization of its kind.Our members with many talents and unmatched dedication to BAPA’s progress made this great moment possible. Thank you to all of our members. We would also like to thank our community for supporting us from the early stages of BAPA and a special thank you to the NYPD for making the dream of becoming a recognized fraternity a reality. This honor belongs to all who helped and supported BAPA.

LT. Shamsul Haque – BAPA President


BAPA’s vision is to help it’s members reach their maximum potential in their professional life.

BAPA’S mission:
Our mission is to foster relationship through camaraderie among Law Enforcement Officers of  Bangladeshi Heritage.  In addition, the association will be able to:

-Help recruit more Bangladeshi American into Law Enforcement .
-Assist fellow MOS attain their professional goals and be a helping hand in time of needs.
-Take initiatives that will bridge the gap between Law Enforcement and the Bangladeshi American community.